Drew Soderquist
  • Drew Soderquist

    There’s always a lot on the plate of an Editor-in-chief of a school news website, but for senior Drew Soderquist, it’s a perfect fit.

    Soderquist joined the journalism program as a sophomore, and has grown to become one of the Tribe Tribune’s Editors-in-Chief.

    “It’s been a really fun experience and journey the last few years,” Soderquist said. “We write stories, interview and come up with questions every day.”

    Soderquist used journalism as a way to broaden his writing abilities.
    “The articles we write in journalism are a lot different from normal, five-paragraph essays,” Soderquist said. “It’s a little more relaxed, fun and has a more creative outlook.”

    Journalism was also a way to to connect with the students and the school.

    “I’ve met people I normally wouldn’t have met on campus,” Soderquist said. “This class had made those interactions and connections possible for me.”

    For Soderquist, it is beneficial to have a positive, supportive community to look forward to in journalism.

    “I can talk to anyone in journalism if I’m having a rough day, and they always pick me up,” Soderquist said. “It’s a lot like a family. We all have the same goal: to write the news and feature students here for the newspaper.”

    Soderquist’s community in journalism helped him truly find his tribe at Fullerton.

    “I’ve become more connected with not just the campus, but with the students and other people here,” Soderquist said.

    Through journalism, Soderquist found his Tribe, a community that improved him academically and expanded him socially.


    By: Nathan Smith