Yale Yang
  • Yale Yang

    "I choose Fullerton because of the diverse programs, passionate teachers, accepting student body".

    Senior Yale Yang is the epitome of a well-rounded Fullerton student. He is in the AP/IB program, in Chess Club, Vocal Ensemble and cross country.

    Yang is one of the few students participating in the full International Baccalaureate, thanks to IB Coordinator Mr. Mark Henderson.

    “I'm taking two classes with him: Theory of Knowledge and IB HOTA. He has a good idea of who I am and how I respond to certain situations, and he has constantly challenged me to become a better student. I’ve learned how to think on a deeper level and be able to prioritize certain things in my life,” Yang said.

    To receive the full IB diploma is a huge commitment, but he is willing to earn it.

    “Going for a full IB diploma is a hefty commitment, but I believe that achieving the diploma will have a positive impact on me for the rest of my life, just from the process of completing all of the requirements for the diploma,” Yang said.

    He describes himself as a “nerd,” but he wanted to branch out in high school.

    “My entire life, I was thought to be a smart kid. But I wanted to be more than just a nerd-- I wanted to be talented in everything that I did. That's why I chose to join choir at Fullerton. I also started the Chess Club to allow people to further their mental capabilities and bring people with similar interests together,” Yang said.

    Yang credits Choral Director Mr. Scott Hedgecock for motivating him to become the best musician he could be.

    “Mr. Hedgecock encouraged me to pursue music and to be confident in my abilities. Only through him have I gained the confidence to sing in front of my peers. I've learned how to lead a group and be accepting of all kinds of people,” Yang said.

    Yang hopes to attend his namesake university, Yale, or UCLA or UC Berkeley to pursue mathematics with a minor in instrumental conducting or cello performance.

    Although he will be leaving soon, he encourages all students to attend FUHS.

    “This school has something for everyone; anyone can be whoever they want to be, and they can be a part of anything they want to be a part of. Fullerton offers more opportunities for students than any other high school. Learning, teaching, making valuable friendships, maturing, and discovering what I value the most in life.”