Margeaux Lau
  • Margeaux Lau

    Senior Margeaux Lau always enjoyed taking pictures, but until her freshman year, she never considered photography as more than a hobby.

    A senior in yearbook had seen the pictures that Lau had posted on her instagram. He suggested that she apply her skills in the yearbook class, and even considered using her photo as the cover for the yearbook that year. Since then, she has been a part of the yearbook family (excluding her junior year.)

    Lau, now the yearbook photo editor, spends most of her time taking photos and designing the book.

    “I’m always taking portraits of people, working on the book online, designing, editing, and giving people grades,” Lau said.

    Photography has also given Lau opportunities to spread her creativity and learn new things.

    “I’ve been published quite a few times now in the yearbook and stuff and i’ve learned a lot and I feel like i’ve left a pretty good base for people when I leave, you know just like teaching people how to take portraits and telling my teacher what to buy,” Lau said.

    Joining yearbook gave her the sense of being a real photographer and has helped her with what she wants to do in the future.

    “Yearbook definitely made forced me to take photos at school more and so I think that definitely showed people that I was a photographer and it also helped me be a photographer like with more of a sense of deadlines and learning how to manage,” Lau said.

    She has come to love the community and people around her.

    “Our school is a really big family, even though there's a lot of people I don't know and lots of people that dont know me, but there's a sense of community that we all have,” Lau said.

    However, not only is it her fellow peers that make yearbook the amazing program it is, but the advisor, Mr. Indelicato, who has been advising yearbook for four years now.

    “I really think Mr. Indelicato brings us all together, because he is such a good teacher and great advisor, everyone just loves him,” Lau said.

    “I’ve made so many friends in yearbook. It’s my favorite class of the day, I have all my friends in there and even people I wouldn’t think to talk to, I do. It's definitely been my favorite part of highschool.”


    By: Frankie Ortega