Alan Rodriguez
  • Alan Rodriguez

    Senior Alan Rodriguez, a baritone for Vocal Ensemble in the Choir program, reflects how impactful his tribe was to him throughout his journey as a high schooler. Choir provided a team for him to bond with and gave him the opportunities to improve his ability, slowly accepting the Tribe as a place to call home.

    Years before attending FUHS, young Rodriguez watched his sister perform in choir at FUHS.

    “My sister went [to FUHS],” Rodriguez said. “I remember going to her concerts at this school and I wanted to be in there too. I just knew that Fullerton was all about the Arts, and they had a great focus in on it so that’s why I wanted to join.”

    Rodriguez was in the All American Boys Chorus in Costa Mesa before going to high school. He furthered his musical knowledge after coming to FUHS by learning the history of the songs, forming better bonds to create stronger unity, experimenting on different techniques for singing, and studying other languages for better pronunciation.

    But most importantly, the choir has provided a family and a place to belong for Rodriguez.

    Experiences can shape a person, like how Rodriguez’s tribe shaped him. By working alongside his Tribe, he learned about new experiences.

    “You get to see other people’s personality and see other people’s talents, other people’s goals in life,” Rodriguez said. “It can inspire you and change your perspective on things. There are different singing techniques and maybe get some inspiration from that, as your voice changes over time.”

    Choir helped Rodriguez create strong bonds with those around him.

    “I guess it’s because you’re in that class all the time and always doing stuff together. It’s kinda corny but yeah you get to know them really well. Yeah, really close. Really close class.”

    His TRIBE gave him a more diverse perspective from those around him as well as the opportunity to help him thrive as an individual.


    By: Tyler Huor