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    National Exemplary School

    Fullerton Union High School is proud to offer a rigorous and extensive honors program to students.  By navigating the tab options to the left, you will find information regarding our International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) programs.

    Fullerton Union High School
    The optimal four year honors program

    Freshman Year:

    • Geometry Honors
    • English 1 Honors
    • AP Human Geography
    • Biology Honors
    • Spanish or French 1 (Level 2 if taken in junior high)
    • Physical Education

    Sophomore Year:

    • Algebra 2 Honors
    • English 2 Honors
    • AP European History
    • Chemistry Honors
    • Spanish 2 or French 2 
    • Physical Education

    Junior Year:

    • IB Mathematics  or  Pre-Calculus Honors
    • AP Language / IB Literature HL1
    • AP US History 
    • AP/IB Physics  or  AP Environmental Science 
    • Spanish 3 Honors or IB French 
    • AP or IB elective

    Senior Year:

    • AP Calculus or AP Statistics 
    • AP Literature / IB Literare HL 2
    • IB History of the Americas or AP Government
    • AP Biology or AP/IB Physics
    • IB Spanish or AP French 
    • AP or IB elective

    Summer School:

    • Summer before your Freshman Year - take Health
    • Summer before your Junior Year - take Honors Economics

     AP/IB elective classes :

    • Theory of Knowledge 
    • AP Music Theory 
    • AP Studio Art 
    • AP Pschology
    • AP Computer Science
    • IB Social and Cultural Anthropology
    • IB Visual Arts
    • IB Theater