• FUHS Special Education Philosophy

    Our objective is for all students to meet or exceed district standards. As professional educators, we believe it is our collective responsibility to support special education students to meet this objective. We understand the essential role of parents and guardians in the educational progress and we are committed to fostering an effective parent-school collaboration toward the best interests of students.

    The Special Education Staff at Fullerton Union High School believes that all students are to be afforded equal opportunity to participate in academic core and elective classes, as well as extra-

    curricular activities, regardless of whether or not the student has a disability or special needs.

    In accordance with State guidelines, FUHS provides special education students with classes in the appropriate, least restrictive setting. General education class materials and curricula are used with accommodations as determined by the IEP Team.

    Instructional Support

    • Collaborates with general education teachers to identify and implement appropriate IEP accommodations and modifications
    • Bridges the gap between grade level performance and current skill level of students by teaching reading, writing, math,  and social science
    • Facilitates IEP meetings; prepares and manages goals and objectives; and provides progress reports to parents
    • Provides support in content area instruction, as well as the development of organizational and study skills support through Study Skills classes.


    Programs and Services


    Remedial Courses

    Strategic instruction is provided by Educational Specialists targeting specific skill deficiencies of students with significant educational needs. Placement in these classes occurs when the nature of the disability requires specialized instruction in a smaller setting with the use of supplementary aides and services.

    Collaborative Courses

    Core Content classes only


    Case Management

    Education Specialists provide case management, assessment, and oversight in order to develop and implement the Individual Education Program (IEP). Monitor (PGSSS) Program In the Psychological Guidance and Student Support Services (PGSSS), a school psychologist assists identified students by providing guidance and monitoring progress in general education classes.

    Speech & Language

    Speech and Language Services are provided to students who have qualifying speech and/or language difficulties. Services include evaluation, individual or small group instruction, and consultation with general education teachers.

    School Site Psychologist

    School psychologists participate in the identification, placement, and reevaluation of students with special needs. The psychologist assists with issues that affect academic achievement and provides support for teachers and parents to identify educational needs, learning characteristics, strengths and weaknesses relevant to students’ educational success.

    Helpful Hints for Parents

    • Support and maintain close contact with teachers to encourage student success.
    • Keep your child's school informed of changes in health, routine, medication, behavior, and home environment.
    • Ensure that your child has adequate rest, nourishment, and support so that he/she is ready to learn.
    • Build your child's confidence by encouraging all learning efforts.
    • Identify both strengths and needs of your child as you see them.
    • Monitor homework assignments
    • Help your child develop a regular time for reading material of their choice.
    • Reward positive behavior.
    • Provide opportunities for your child to experience new learning situations and then discuss them.
    • Attend IEP meetings and bring a list of possible questions, suggestions, and concerns.
    • Encourage students to attend after school tutoring
    • Regularly check attendance and class grades using the school’s on-line monitoring system, Aeries.


  • Special Education Staff

    Department Chair: 

     Jodi Flynn (714)626-3859


    Case Managers: 

    Eron Booker (714)626-3945

    Ed De Avila (714) 626-3933

    Joseph Olivas (714) 626-3994

    Jodi Flynn (714)626-3859

    Matthew Fregoso (714) 626-3860

    Leon Palmisano (714)626-3932

    Elizabeth Vasquez Perez (714) 626-3828


    PGSSS (Monitor) Program

    Dr. Richard Kim (714)626-2877


    Speech & Language

    Robyn Reyna  (714) 626-3985

    Lindsey Williams  (714) 626- 3934



    Crystal Mackey (714) 626-3911

    Caitlin Sudderth (714) 626- 3946