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  • STEM Scholars

    According to the United States Bureau of Statistics, in the next five years jobs in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) sectors are expected to grow twice as quickly as jobs in other fields.  These STEM careers have an earning potential double that of careers in other fields.  Additionally, in the next decade, 80% of jobs will require technical skills.  

    Unfortunately, many students do not have the skills needed to take advantage of the opportunities existing for a career in a STEM field.  Fullerton Union High School is prepared to meet the demands of the future with the development of the STEM Scholars.

    With the incorporation of arts, the STEM Scholars is designed to give ALL interested students meaningful exposure to STEM and promote creative and innovative thinking. 

     As part of the STEM Scholars, students will take a series of classes based on their field of interest, participate in internships to experience what it is like to work in a STEM career, and be given the opportunity to attend various field trips and workshops.

    Our ultimate goal is that upon graduation students are competitive and well prepared to enter a community or four-year college majoring in one of the STEM divisions or attend a technical schooling program to prepare them for a STEM career.

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