• The Fullerton Union High School Guidance Department is comprised of three Counselors, two Guidance Technicians, one Career Guidance Specialist, one Assistant Principal, and support staff. Each student is assigned a counselor for the entire four years they attend Fullerton Union High School. This counselor will be the students' main contact for both educational and personal issues.

    The counselors meet with each student and their parent/guardian at least one time each year in a scheduled appointment. Additionally, students are urged to communicate with their counselor as needed on a "drop-in" basis during lunch, break, before school, or after school. Parents may set up additional appointments with counselors as needed by calling their student's counselor. A Counselor will be available during the following times: 6:40am-3:30pm. 

    Parents are strongly encouraged to set up and utilize the online ABI system to track their student's academic progress. For questions regarding ABI please see the Fullerton Union High School Home Page under the "LINKS" heading or call your student's counselor.

    Counseling Appointments

    The main focus for the Counselors are the yearly, scheduled counseling appointments with students. The Counselors meet with students and parents throughout the year. The scheduled appointment dates and general topics covered are as follows:
    12th Grade Appointments (September) Graduation status, Special Admit Program, 4-Year college application status, SAT/ACT/Subject Test status, Community College, ROP, Vocational School information ,CAHSEE, Financial Aid, At-Risk issues, Post-high school plans.
    11th Grade Appointments (October-November) Graduation status, CAHSEE, Senior class selection/Summer school/La Sierra, Post-high school plans, SAT/ACT/Subject Test status/plan, Financial Aid, At-Risk issues, Special Admit Program.
    10th Grade Appointments (January-February) Graduation status, CAHSEE, Junior and Senior class selections, Post-high school plans, PSAT, At-Risk issues.
    9th Grade Appointments (November-December) Create 4-Year class plan, Explain graduation requirements, Encourage extra-curricular involvement, PSAT, Provide General College Information, AT-Risk issues.


    Registration for classes is done during the months of February and March. Registration consists of a presentation day and a pick-up day. During the presentation, registration materials are distributed and students are prompted on which classes to choose for the following year. During the pick-up, students return registration materials and sit with their counselor to input their classes into the computer system.


    Common Core is done during the month of April. PSAT is done one time per year on the third Wednesday of October. AP and IB testing is done during the month of May. SAT/ACT testing is done throughout the year off campus.


    The Guidance page contains access to many informative links. These links include information regarding College Admission, Scholarship and Financial Aid Information, College Testing, and Job/Career information. The links can be accessed by clicking on the word Links in the box at the top of this page.


    Mr. McIntosh

    • Last name A-EM 
    • (714) 626-3849
    • DMcintosh@fjuhsd.org

    Mrs. Defries

    • Last name EN-LOZ 
    • (714) 626-3841
    • EDefries@fjuhsd.org

    Mrs. Kim

    • Last name LU-RAI 
    • (714) 626-3845
    • HKim@fjuhsd.org

    Mrs. McCarthy

    • Days: Tue/Wed/Fri
    • Last name RAM-Z 
    • (714) 626-3851
    • EMcCarthy@fjuhsd.org
    • Last name (R-S) for yearly scheduled counseling appointments 

    Mrs. Hsieh

    • Days: Mon/Thur
    • Last name RAM-Z
    • (714) 626-3851
    • PHsieh@fjuhsd.org
    • Last name (T-Z) for yearly scheduled counseling appointments