Acceptable Use of Technology

  • Technology use is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in disciplinary consequences. Technology is used to support student learning and enhance instructional programs. The Internet makes it possible for students to access many types of resources and to interact with other students, individuals, or services located inside and outside the District. The District does not control the content of the information available through any Internet service. Some of the information available through the Internet may contain harmful matter, or be otherwise inappropriate for educational purposes. The District does not condone the access or use of such information and, to the extent possible, will restrict student access to such information. To the extent that the use of technology and electronic information resources serves the educational needs of students and supports instructional programs, the District believes strongly in the importance of such technology and regards technology use as a privilege, not a right. It is, therefore, expected that student and staff-system users will act in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner at all times.

    Acceptable use of technology includes communication in support of research and learning, access and exploration of appropriate information and resources, on assignments or projects. Routine maintenance and monitoring of computer and Internet systems will occur. Use of technology that results in compromising the security of the operating equipment and/or software is prohibited. The District reserves the right to conduct individualized searches of a user’s actions on the network if there is reasonable suspicion that a law or rule has been violated. Students found to have engaged in unacceptable use may be subject to a parent conference; suspension and/or termination of computer-use privileges, e-mail and Internet access; a zero grade on related assignments and/or removal from the course; suspension and/or expulsion from school; referral to law enforcement authorities; legal action to recover damages and penalties; or other appropriate consequences. Education Code Section 48900(r) specifically states that bullying by means of an electronic act is a suspendable violation.