Jolie Thomas
  • Jolie Thomas

    ASB has been an integral part that has shaped senior Jolie Thomas since she stepped foot on campus. Thomas has not only been an active member of the class but has worked her way up to a leadership role of Senior Class Treasurer.

    “ASB is huge for me. I’ve always loved to be helpful not just in school but everywhere I go and I really feel that ASB really helps to instill that idea,” Thomas said.

    As Treasurer, Jolie holds many important roles but she remembers that above all it is the student body that is ASB’s number one responsibility.

    “ASB just wants the best for the student body, at the end of the day we just want to see everyone enjoying their high school years so all the dances we put on and assemblies we organize are all to help create that awesome experience for Fullerton High,” Thomas said.

    ASB has helped Thomas find her place at Fullerton and establish a group of people she can rely on.

    “ASB has truly helped me go through high school and has taught me valuable life skills. I really feel at home and most myself when I am with the rest of my ASB team.”

    ASB is Thomas’ tribe through how they work together to grant the best to the student’s of Fullerton high.

    “ASB is more than just an elective, we really grow to become a family and when we see the faces of the student’s at all these events, it really makes it all worth it.”


    By: Audry Jeong