Wyatt Logan
  • Wyatt Logan

    Junior Wyatt Logan began playing water polo at the age of five and decided to continue to pursue the sport at FUHS after seeing the success of the water polo program.

    Logan enrolled without many connections, as most of his friends from junior high attended other schools. But, water polo helped him adapt to a new high school environment and find new friends.

    “I came to FUHS not knowing anyone because all of my friends went to other schools,” Logan said. “So, I found my place freshman year with water polo summer practice.”

    Water polo provides Logan with opportunities for achievement in the water, and the chance to make long-lasting relationships with coaches and teammates.

    Throughout his years playing water polo at FUHS, Logan has established his own tribe, by making many great friendships which will last him a lifetime.  

    “Tribe is the people I surround myself with. Everyone here has been nice to me, the environment that we are in and everybody is family,” Logan said.

    The FUHS water polo program will always be a big part of Logan’s life, shaping how he has grown as a person with his team.

    By. Matthew Ballin