• Morgan Forrester

    Senior Morgan Forrester has been an Indiancer for the past three years, and is now co-Captain of Song. Song is a mixture of cheer and dance, which stemmed from the Indiancers, and became a team in the 2018-2019 school year.

    “It’s really weird going from dance classes everyday to trying to learn cheers with a lot of different movements,” Forrester said. “On a dance team there’s lots of different terms and there’s lots of different terms within a cheer team, so you have to get to know the differences between them, so it was very difficult to get used to.”

    Although the transition was difficult, Forrester has been able to get through it and flourish with the help of her team.

    “It is really hard to be on a new team once you’re so used to and comfortable with a certain team and the way things are run with that team,” Forrester said. “I would say that my friends really helped me get through that.”

    Beginning her high school dance career as an Indiancer her freshman year, Forrester has learned to step out of her comfort zone as well as meet many other students at Fullerton.

    “Being on Indiancers was a good start for me because it brought me in freshman year right into all of the outside Fullerton events like sports, and pep rallies and assemblies,” Forrester said.

    The FUHS dance program has not only taught Forrester new skills in dance, but important life lessons that she values greatly.

    “It shows you that you just need to get stuff done, you need to have time commitments and you need to be able to work with others that you might not work with on a daily basis,” Forrester said. “I feel like that has positively impacted me and definitely prepared me for other events for the future.”

    Forrester considers her team and coach to be her tribe at FUHS.

    “The bond that I have with my team and my coach is very close and very comfortable and very fun,“ Forrester said. “Even though song is new, they’ve always stayed with me and they’ve always helped me get through anything difficult.”


    By: Drew Soderquist