Michael Laverde

     “I choose Fullerton  because it offers the most education and programs at the best quality. Also, it's a lot of fun.”

    Senior Michael Laverde transferred out of his La Mirada school district to attend Fullerton Union High School. He is a four year participant in many programs including: AP/IB/Honors Program,Triple Threat Pathway, Academy of the Arts, Thespian Troupe #2498, and Tri-M Music Honor Society.

    Laverde credits Mr. Leonardo Indelicato, his AP/IB English 3 teacher for a challenging and beneficial academic career, but ultimately believes students must take charge of their own academics.

    It's up to the student to decide how much they would like to challenge themselves. Academics demand a lot depending on your chosen courses. But for those who choose to set their minds to those higher level courses, the reward is ten-fold.”

    While Laverde is involved in the academics programs, he is a big participant in the arts.

    “While in junior high, I discovered musical theatre and was really passionate about it, so I decided to continue my pursuit into high school. Fullerton offered so many great opportunities. I could expose myself to real-life theatre experiences and get a taste of a larger circle of influence outside my small community.”

    Like many students, Laverde highly recommends this school to students who want to thrive academically while participating in the accredited programs here at Fullerton.

    “A four year program gives you direction in life, and really helps to prepare you as an individual within your select group. Whatever the program, you get to pick up key and detailed skills that will benefit you in life post-high school.”