Netana Christiansen
  • Netana Christiansen

    To senior Netana Christiansen, academic success is not defined by test scores and GPA. 

    “I believe that academic success is important to simply express effort and hard work, to show that you care and will give your 110 percent,” Christiansen said.

    Christiansen’s determination to excel in classes, artistic talent and overall high school experience is built upon hard work and fervent passion.

    After touring Fullerton’s Academy of the Arts program as an eighth grader, struck by the amazing and diverse range of arts, Christiansen knew that she belonged in the FUHS Tribe family.

    “I felt destined to enroll here,” Christiansen said. “The room itself was mesmerizing with its beautiful ceiling-tile-artworks. There are many different types of art courses to choose from in the program, as well.”

    She credits fine arts and BEAST teacher Mr. Scott Hudson for inspiring her to ground her identity upon character and ethics, rather than letting grades define her.

    “Mr. Hudson, most definitely, has challenged me the most, in more ways than one. He has challenged my creativity, my artistic viewpoint, and the way I view everyday life,” Christiansen said. “His class has taught me much more than art. It has helped me discover my identity, perspectives, meaning, and, of course, how to wield a pencil.”

    Having been a part of the Arts Academy since freshman year, Christiansen says that joining a four year program taught her the importance of commitment.

    “[It] is an important aspect to have for your future and everyday life,” Christiansen said. “It will also get you involved in a 'community' to make friends and feel assimilated into school. Fullerton has prepared me to academically succeed through pushing me and encouraging me to work my hardest, regardless of how difficult it seems.”

    Christiansen plans on attending the Fullerton College for two years and then transferring to Laguna College of Art and Design. Along with either minoring or majoring in arts, she is interested pursuing anatomy studies, as well.

    “As far as a career after school, I would like an artistically challenging job to fit my skill assets. Art is my first true love and I am determined to follow it.”