Megan Kim
  • Megan Kim

    When one thinks of the word “tribe,” usually a sports team or arts program comes to mind. But for senior Megan Kim, an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma candidate, she found her community in the Full IB program.

    There are fifteen students in total, all persevering through the rigorous course to earn their IB diplomas, but have managed to support each other through the process.

    “They’re the people I’ve gone through all of high school with. We’ve been in the exact same classes, we’ve all done the same work. It’s the people who have seen me grow throughout high school and the people that I’ve spent the most time with,” Kim said. “But they are the people I know I can count on.”

    Earning the diploma requires taking the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, a three hour class once a week.

    “With TOK every Monday, none of us wanted to be there because it was three hours after school. But everyone was really encouraging with one another in TOK because it was a ‘we’re all in this together’ type of situation, where we supported each other,” Kim said.

    Though the program takes a lot of hard work and effort, Kim was still able to find her tribe, a unique group of students who encouraged each other throughout their years in high school.

    “Full IB has taught me how to be open minded. We’re a very diverse group of people. There’s a stereotype, I would say, that goes along with Full IB. But I feel like every single person that’s a part of it breaks that. I’ve been cultured and educated.”