Rachel Khron
  • Rachel Krohn

    "I choose Fullerton because the programs always inspire me to do my best."

    Although Junior Rachel Krohn came to Fullerton with plans to pursue singing, she found a great love for digital photography, dance and academics, specifically English Language and Composition.

    Krohn credits English 3 AP/IB teacher Mr. Leonardo Indelicato for making her learning experience both rigorous and fun.

    “In English 3 IB/AP, I learn how to succeed on the AP and IB tests in order to get a good grade and impress the critics judging our essays,” Krohn said. “The honors classes here at Fullerton prepare me academically because instead of just giving a lecture and assigning homework, the teachers work with the kids and discuss problems.”

    Along with academics, Krohn pursues choir at Fullerton with hopes of studying music in college.

    “I wanted to achieve things not only in academic classes, but I wanted to be happy doing something that I was really passionate about,” Krohn said. “Singing has always been a passion of mine, and just this year when I experimented with digital photography was when I learned that photo was something I enjoyed very much too.”

    She thanks Mr. Hedgecock for not only directing the choir with practiced skill, but teaching her lessons that will help her thrive in the real world. Although the arts building is currently under construction, Hedgecock makes the most out of the compromising situation.

    “This year has been especially difficult not only for the choir, but for him as well, because our classroom in the arts building hasn’t been available to us, but he tries his absolute best, and that is inspiring,” Krohn said.

    Krohn says that while students should experiment with different activities, it is important to consistently pursue one activity.

    “I feel that by being in a program for more than two years will definitely develop the talent that the program revolves around. High school is a time to be out there, and joining a program is a great way to do that.”