Katie Trimble
  • Katie Trimble

    Senior Katie Trimble, the FUHS marching band Drum Major, reflects positively on her four years of experience in Marching Band.

    Trimble has played the flute since the fifth grade, and as a result, gained valuable experience and outstanding performances.

    “I joined marching band my freshman year because I played an instrument in elementary and junior high school, and I just wanted to continue playing,” Trimble said.

    She’s grown, not alone, but alongside her tribe. For the past four years, the community she had in band has given her the support she needs to grow and improve herself as an individual.

    “The friends I made in band have always been there for me,” Trimble said, “My tribe gave me amazing friends.”

    The role of FUHS’ Tribe is to help individuals grow and make sure they have the confidence to take on tasks they originally would’ve never done.

    “I’ve developed my leadership skills, and working as a team,” Trimble said. “As 3-4 years I’ve worked in various leadership positions and this year I am Drum Major, so I’ve learned how to work with a large group and also inspire other leaders—make everything work.”

    Thanks to this community, Trimble has found the meaning of her tribe.

    “[It is] a family culture where everyone has your back,” Trimble said. “Everyone. We work for a common goal and really love spending time together and I know they’re always there for me.”

    After spending countless hours revolving around her involvement in the instrumental music program, Trimble admits the profound growth that she’s experienced.

    “I’ve definitely grown a lot more outgoing and feel much more confident in myself by being a member of the band,” Trimble said. “I’ve met my greatest friends there.”


    By: Tyler Huor