Maria Vasquez
  • Maria Vazquez

    The Advanced Via Individual Determination program (AVID) changed senior Maria Vazquez for the better since she joined the program her freshman year, where she found a community.

    “I love AVID,” Vazquez said. “We literally call each other the AVID familia. We are very open and nice.”

    Vazquez describes AVID as her tribe, where she has established strong connections with the students at the AVID coordinator Mr. Hubert.

    “AVID is like a family to me because I have been in it all four years,” Vazquez said. “Mr. Hubert is like another parental figure to me because he has always been there for me, and he has pushed me to do so much more.”

    Vazquez listens to her AVID classmates and helps them overcome challenges.

    “I help my peers overcome difficulties by being there for them as well as talking to them and making sure that they know there is someone there to lend a listening ear,” Vazquez said.

    However, AVID helps them find the right college that fits all their needs, as well as teaches students to be leaders.

    “AVID helps students find the right college for them by preparing us to start looking into scholarships as well as college fairs,” Vazquez said. “We help out by feeding the homeless and working with the OC food bank. We are always connected to our community.”

    AVID has helped Vazquez find her place at FUHS and receive unique opportunities. Because of AVID, she knows that she always has a place to turn to.

    “It’s nice to turn around and discover that you are not alone,” Vasquez said.

    By: Alejandra Rodriguez