• Abigail Lange

    Ever since she was a freshman, senior Abigail Lange has been a part of  the FUHS theatre program. But her love for the art began before high school. 

    “I had been in community theatre before high school, and I knew it was something I was really passionate about,” Lange said.

    Faced with choosing a high school, she ultimately chose FUHS because of our outstanding theatre program.

    “I specifically chose Fullerton because of the program that we have here and the academy of the arts and opportunities that are offered,” Lange said.

    Lange auditioned for her first theatre production the fall of her freshman year, earned a role, and has participated in every production since. For the past four years, Lange competed in theatre competitions, earning amazing opportunities. She competes both in and out of school.

    “Our off-campus activities include festivals that we go to through the thespian society to perform and compete in different events,” Lange said.

    FUHS, known and recognized for their theatre program, recently won an award from the California Educational Theatre Association (CETA).

    “Two years in a row, we have won first place,” Lange said. “We won first place this year for ‘The Foreigner’ which is really exciting because we get to share this passion with 1300 theatre students.”

    To Lange, a tribe is an extremely strong bond within a group of people.

    “A tribe to me feels like a stronger bond than some blood relations sometimes,” Lange said.

    Theatre has given Lange an immediate family, and she wouldn't trade it for the world.

    “Theatre is my second home. I wouldn't change it. I’ve found a home here, and these people are like my family.”


    By: Frankie Ortega