Bailey Nakagawa
  • Bailey Nakagawa

    Thanks to the bountiful support given by her tribe, senior varsity cheer captain Bailey Nakagawa discovered a niche to belong and excel in. Nakagawa began cheer around the age of nine and became more involved with the community ever since. The activity was one way she created lasting friendships with which would arise lasting memories.

    Her tribe helped her find her place in high school.

    “Being at this school, being apart of this tribe, makes it feel like you belong. It gives you a second family, makes you feel safe and welcome,” Nakagawa said.  “Tribe to me means having a family— a place to call home.”

    Nakagawa’s tribe helped her realize how to live in the present and remain excited.  

    “It’s really important that  to find the things that you love to do or else you can feel lost,” Bailey said. “So, definitely being in cheer has helped connected me— given me a place, a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning.”

    Nakagawa finds herself excited rather than nervous about what the future holds thanks to the powerful bonds heartwarming memories she created with her TRIBE.

    “I love my team and I’m just excited to see what the rest of the year has in store.” Through the cheer program, Nakagawa found a tribe to support her and bring out her full potential.


    By: Tyler Huor