Nick Cummings
  • Nick Cummings


    Becoming the captain of the varsity boys tennis team was not always a high school goal for senior Nick Cummings.

    “When I joined freshman [year], I wasn’t that into it, but I’ve become a lot more passionate about the sport as time went on, and the friends that I’ve made through tennis are some my closest friends in high school,” Cummings said.

    Cummings enjoys the the tight community of friends and the support he has received through the team.

    “I’ve gained a sense of confidence from my teammates,” Cummings said. “I’m not great, but I have a sense that I can achieve some success when I try, because of my team.”

    The relaxed yet rigorous community has allowed Cummings to thrive as a scholar athlete.

    “I’m going to reiterate the sense of community, the sense of togetherness with fellow players,” Cummings said. “If you’re having a problem or something you know you have friends you can count on, and most of us are honors so that also helps.”


    By: Drew Soderquist