Brittany Ruiz
  • Brittany Ruiz

    "I choose Fullerton because it is breathtaking, phenomenal, life-changing"

    Challenged and inspired by Fullerton’s rigorous courses, senior Brittany Ruiz hopes to pursue history studies after high school.

    She credits AP US History teacher David Shanebeck for teaching her that comprehending a subject not only strengthens academic knowledge, but can also cultivate resilient character. Ruiz admits that the course is very rigorous, but views the challenges in a positive light.

    Although many would say that they are ‘time-consuming’ and ‘unpleasant,’ Shanebeck's assignments provided me the chance to understand the importance of diligence and discipline,” Ruiz said.

    “Shanebeck has taught me that grades don't define you. Offering constant reminders, Shanebeck shows me that recognizing [a subject’s] impact to our society will always make you a much better student and person, than one who merely focuses on a grade.”

    Ruiz also thanks Mr. Mike Muhovich, Mr. Mark Henderson and Mrs. Sharon Hollon for inspiring her to pursue a history major in college.

    “Fullerton has provided me with the opportunity to take rigorous courses with hard-working, dedicated teachers who open up my perspective on the world. They have challenged me to look outside the box and use critical-thinking skills,” Ruiz said. “Both the courses and their corresponding teachers have taught me valuable lessons about time management and the importance of understanding a subject rather than just memorizing it.”

    Along with strong academics and being on the IB Full Diploma path, Ruiz is Yearbook editor-in-chief, NHS president, STEAM Vice President of Engineering, and an active member of Make-a-Wish and Interact Club. Last school year, Ruiz was also CSF Secretary and on the varsity basketball team.

    Ruiz aspires to make the most out of her high school experience and take advantage of Fullerton’s countless extracurricular opportunities.

    “I got involved with Yearbook in high school because I was looking for a way to bond with the students on campus and have the ability to tell their stories as individuals,” Ruiz said. “Involving yourself with four year programs and academics grant you the opportunity to grow as an individual and create connections with amazing individuals.”

    Built upon foundations of hard work and persistence, Ruiz says that academics at Fullerton allow her to be a part of a story greater than herself.

    Ruiz plans on attending an Ivy League college, dedicating her life to helping others and creating a lasting, positive change in the world.

    “Academics has the ability to cultivate bright, young students who are the future of tomorrow. Fullerton has provided me with the opportunity to take rigorous courses with hard-working, dedicated teachers who open up my perspective on the world.”