Sophie Zener
  • Sophie Zener

    Playing water polo since 4th grade, junior Sophie Zener remains passionate about the sport and has kept her competitive spirit throughout the years.

    Zener played for SoCal Water Polo club throughout her life, and decided to continue her water polo career in high school. Her freshman year, she began playing for FUHS’ varsity team.

    When Zener first came to Fullerton, she felt welcomed by her teammates. Zener expresses her gratitude for having such a family-like team.

    “Throughout my years at Fullerton I‘ve always been close with my team,”  Zener said. “I‘ve just found great companionship on the team and we’ve grown through adversity together.”

    With the support of her team, Zener has received first team all league, gone to CIF twice, and has been defensive player of the year for the past two years.

    During season, the team has a tradition of bonding over team dinners before every league game to maintain friendship among teammates.

    “The team dinners make me feel closer to my team,” said Zener.

    Zener’s tribe is her water polo team. She knows that through adversity or rough losses, her tribe will always stay tightly knit.

    “My team has been such a huge impact in my life in high school and I  wouldn’t do anything to break the bond we have with each other,” Zener said.


    By: Joshua Hanson