Grace Perez
  • Grace Perez

    The National Honors Society has been a part of senior Grace Perez’s life the second she stepped onto campus here at Fullerton. Not only has Perez been an active member of NHS all four years, but she has also worked her way up to Vice President of the club.

    “I feel very much at home when I’m engaging in the club, we are the biggest club on campus and the fact that I have such a large force backing me up really lets me know that I am valued,” Perez said.

    As Vice President, Perez understands the shared shelf of hard work that goes into making NHS so successful in the first place.

    “NHS is very much a community based organization, what a lot of people don’t realize is that the leaders of the club aren’t the only ones actively making decisions, it’s the club as a whole that makes NHS so valuable,” Perez said.

    To Perez, NHS is more than a club; it's a family.

    “NHS is very familial based, everyone knows each other and it is not hard to make friends. I personally have made some of my lifelong friends in this club,” Perez said.

    Perez’s tribe is reflected through NHS where like minded people join forces to create an envisionment of a better tomorrow.

    “My tribe is NHS, they have always been there for me and to be able to give back to the community that gave me so much is so rewarding. Like any good club, NHS invites everyone to express themselves freely going beyond the academics unlocking so many opportunities to showcase the best version of yourself,” Perez said.


    By: Audry Jeong