Colby Martin
  • Colby Martin

    I choose Fullerton because it is “rewarding and  memorable.”

    Senior Colby Martin has grown immensely from his freshman year due to his involvement within AP/IB Academics, Key Club, and Interact Club. He is co-president of the Speech and Debate team and  National Honors Society/California Scholarship Federation, Key Club, and the Interact Club.

    Martin felt challenged and at times overwhelmed, but FUHS taught him to persevere.

    “I never cease to learn from the school its key lesson: to never give up. We take many obstacles as roadblocks that we either cannot get around, or we hop over. It is because of the rigorous courses throughout the school years that I have gotten more acquitted to such high standards, building up what I need in order to be successful here and in the future,” Martin said.

    Although academic success is important in determining one’s future, it’s representing something entirely different to Martin.

    “To me, academic success shows importance in reflecting the determination of the individual. Their work ethic is shown and told through the grades they receive, regardless of whether it is good or bad. Grades and academic success (or lack of) tells a story, one that is unique to every person,” Martin said.

    He credits AP Calculus teacher Mrs. Shannon Butler for improving him the most.

    “Mrs. Butler has been my most challenging teacher since my first day of Junior year. But at the end of the year when finals were over, I knew she had helped me grow the most. It was her teachings that challenged me to my core on mathematical equations and units dealing with concepts I rather would’ve ignored.”

    Regarding his four year program Speech and Debate, English teacher/coach Ms. Pricilla Merritt has both cared for and challenged Martin the most.

    “From day one, she never seemed to give up on me. She always gave me the chance to show myself and work to where I am now. Nobody has ever pushed me as hard as she has, believing I had the potential to do great on the team and be successful,” Martin said.

    He admits there have been times he had been driven to tears, but Merritt guided him in overcoming it.

    “[She] taught me to never give up, knowing the reward is just that much greater by the end. Seeing how much I have grown from my freshman year, I couldn’t thank her enough for being the greatest mentor a student could ask for.”

    Not only does Speech and Debate provide a dedicated coach, it taught Martin beyond what regular classes could.

    “I realized the Speech and Debate Program at the school was able to help me further my skills in communications and public speaking, not realizing how much more it would provide me with over the years to come.”

    Martin has applied to several schools including Whitworth University and Claremont McKenna to earn a degree in Criminal Justice. He hopes to work for the government in the future.

    “I want to help change society for the better and be a part of that impact to help steer our nation in a positive direction,” Martin said.