Course Offerings
Course Offerings
  • Why take Spanish for Spanish Speakers (SSS) instead of Traditional Spanish?

    • Students who have no experience with the language are clearly different from those who speak Spanish at home. 
    • Although some students might be limited in Spanish, SSS develops all areas of Spanish language proficiency
    • Many of SSS students are unfamiliar with the formal grammar of Spanish and do not read or write it in Spanish.                                                                     (Bills, 1997)


    What are the goals of the SSS Program at FUHS?

    • To offer Spanish speaking students opportunities to study Spanish formally in an academic setting in the same way that native-English speaking students study English language arts 
    • To reactivate the Spanish students have learned in the past and develop it further  
    • To learn more about their language and cultural heritage
    • To ensure that all native Speakers reach both AP classes, Language and Literature. 
    • To develop Bilingual and Biliterate students receiving the SEAL OF BILITERACY upon graduation. 

    Placement Test Information for Spanish for Spanish Speakers

    Eighth grade students at Ladera Vista Junior High School and Nicolas Junior High School have an opportunity to take the placement test in the spring at their respective schools. Students entering FUHS from other schools will be tested during the first week of school.


    Please contact Helen Craft ( for more information on our World Language program.