• Sandy O’Sullivan- Varisty Girls Basketball

    Throughout her four years at FUHS, senior Sandy O’Sullivan earned numerous titles and accomplishments including captain of the varsity basketball team, Senior Class Vice President and California Scholarship Federation Secretary.

    O’Sullivan began playing basketball in the seventh grade at Parks Junior High School, and from there grew her passion for the sport. However, she credits her success to the strong FUHS basketball community.

    “There have been so many times were I’ve thought ‘Oh, basketball is too overwhelming,’ or ‘I don’t wanna go.’ But it’s definitely my team and the people I’ve been with since freshman year that make me want to come back and keep going,” O’Sullivan said.

    The sport instills a value of teamwork and family.

    “It’s a group effort where you struggle and get defeated so badly sometimes, where you have to pick each other up and stay positive. Working together in a physical and mental way has been really fun and challenging.”

    Not only has basketball offered O’Sullivan her niche, it’s provided ample opportunity to grow as a leader.

    “I’ve never really seen myself as a vocal person, so I was kind of shocked to know that I am captain. I’m not the type of person to speak out and tell people when they’re wrong all the time. I just feel bad. This year, I’ve especially learned how to find my voice on the team in a way that’s trying to be uplifting,” O’Sullivan said.

    High school is tough, and high school leadership can be tougher. But with a community behind O’Sullivan supporting her as she supports them, the life lessons learned are beyond valuable.

    “Tribe, I would say, is a community that feels more like a family. Friendships that feel like family. Because basketball has taught me that you always have to be there for your teammate no matter what, and ASB has taught me how to work together with so many people,” O’Sullivan said.  “Just this school and how diverse it is, it teaches everyone that we’re all different, and that’s the most important thing. Working together with our differences is really important especially in today’s society.”

    By Jamie Ma