Jennifer Muratalla

    Swim has been a part of junior Jennifer Muratalla’s life ever since she was little. She started swim lessons as a kid, joined a club swim team, and eventually joined the FUHS team when she entered high school. Muratalla broke records in 100 freestyle and 2IM relay (individual medley) in her first two years on the team.

    Joining swim in high school made the transition easier into high school as a freshman for Muratalla.

    “At first being a freshman it’s kind of hard because you’re kind of lost and you don’t know where to go,” Muratalla said. “When you have a team to rely on, the older kids help you through high school, even non swim related things.”

    Although swim seems like an individual sport, her team keeps her motivated because they are all striving towards one goal.

    “In swim, it’s mentally draining and if you don’t have that support system, you will not be able to keep swimming,” Muratalla said. “Because we’re all together and we work and we see each other struggle, we see each other drop time and do well, it kind of motivates us and keeps us going.”

    To Muratalla, her team is the ultimate support system as she navigates high school.

    “It means family,” Muratalla said. “It means my group of friends that are always there for me and that support me when it’s hard to keep going because it’s such a mentally draining sport.”

    Muratalla’s tribe is her swim team where everyone works together to swim towards one goal.

    “They are my family and we all support each other and it’s just a team bonding experience because you do something so hard every single day and you literally put blood sweat and tears into something that once you finally drop time and achieve your goals; it’s really rewarding,” Muratalla said.


    By: Jayme Kim