North Orange County ROP

  • ROPThe Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is free to all high school students and offers hands-on training to develop marketable skills and to encourage good work attitudes. Students can earn elective credits by taking an ROP class during the regular school day and/or after school. Certain ROP classes can fulfill the UC approved a-g list. Students who take ROP classes attain entry-level job skills, prepare for well-paying careers, and prepare for advanced career training.

Upcoming ROP Classes Summer/Fall 2024

  • Warriors, if you are interested in enrolling in an off-campus ROP class for Summer or Fall 2024, registration will be open from February 10th to April 12th. However, please be aware that pre-registration does not guarantee admission. Transportation arrangements will be your responsibility. It is crucial that you attend all scheduled classes, particularly given the condensed curriculum during the summer. Additionally, please note that these classes are in addition to the minimum required campus classes.

    To review course descriptions and offerings, as well as to register, please follow this link between February 10th and April 12th. We highly recommend registering as early as possible to increase your chances of securing a spot. You will receive admission or denial notifications directly from ROP to your school email. If you are uncertain about your student ID number it can be located in Aeries under Demographics, Student 2.


    Arts, Media & Visual Entertainment
    Health Science & Medical Technology
    Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation
    Information and Communication Technologies
    Public Services
    For questions, please see our ROP Counselor, Mrs. Evans, in the Counseling office.