Our mission is to serve our students and promote academic achievement, career development, and personal and social growth. The guidance team is dedicated to each student and works collaboratively with parents, teachers, staff and administration to provide a positive school atmosphere. Our restructured guidance program allows students to develop a relationship with their assigned counselor starting their freshman year. 

    "How to See Your Counselor" 

    During distance learning your school counselor will have a daily, virtual drop-in time.  Check your school counselor's Google Classroom for the details.  
    You may contact your child's school counselor via email. Please email if you have a school counseling-related question. If you have a question regarding a class grade, assignment, policy, or anything classroom related, contact the teacher directly.  Each school counselor will also be hosting virtual parent/guardian Q&A sessions.  The Q&A session details will be communicated to parents/guardians via email.


    Counselor Caseloads for 2020-2021 / Counselor to student ratio: 1:512


    9th Gr.

    10th Gr.

    11th Gr.

    12th Gr.

    Mrs. Jacquie Morck 
    (714) 626-4423

    A - Choe & All AVID Freshmen

     A - B & All AVID Sophomores

     A - B & All AVID Juniors

     All AVID Seniors

    Mrs. Sarah Saleen
    (714) 626-5812

    Choi - G

    C - H

    C - I

    A - Hanna

    Ms. Sonia Diaz
    (714) 626-5825

    H - L

    I - L

    J - L

    Hartman - Lee

    Mrs. Dionne Evans (ROP)
    (714) 626-4418

    M - R

    M - R

    M - R

    Leem - Reyes

    S - Z

    S - Z

    S - Z

    Rhee - Z

    Career Center
    (Guidance Tech., College Fair, Esports, University Visits) 

    Counseling Secretary


    Mr. Aldaco

     Ms. Black

    Mrs. Rosner




    20-21 AP & IB Exam Fee Waiver Notice
    For Students Enrolled in AP and/or IB Courses
    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level classes taught in high school.  If a student is enrolled in an AP class at Troy they are eligible to take the AP Exam for that class.  Passing AP Exam scores may earn students college credit while in high school.  AP Exams will cost approximately $99.00 each which includes the registration fee.  AP Exam registration will take place online (through https://www.totalregistration.net/) September 28 - November 10, 2020.  Please be aware that there will not be a cancel fee this year due to COVID-19, but it is requested that you cancel any exam you don’t wish to take by March 12, 2021.
    International Baccalaureate (IB) courses are part of Troy’s IB Programme.  If a student is enrolled in an IB course at Troy they may be eligible to take the IB exam for that class.  Passing IB exam scores may earn students college credit while in high school.   IB Exams will cost approximately $125.00 each, late registration will cost more.   IB Exam registration will take place October 1-10. Late registrations will be accepted through October 15th, with an additional late fee. After November 1st no refunds will be given and any changes made to IB registrations after this date will incur additional fees by IBO. Please check with Mrs. Kirkpatrick if you are unsure if you qualify for an IB exam.
    To receive a fee waiver for AP/ IB Exams you must qualify for the Free & Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP).  To complete the online FRLP application go to the FJUHSD Food Services page (www.fjuhsdfoodservices.org).  You will indicate your FRLP status when you register for the AP/IB Exams through Total Registration.  If you wish to receive AP/IB Exam fee waivers, you must apply by Friday, September 4, 2020, whether or not you plan to use the free/reduced lunch benefit at Troy. 
    *For more information on the College Board’s AP Program, please visit https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/
    *For more information on Troy’s IB Programme, please visit https://www.fjuhsd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=379  

    Fall Semester Deadlines to Drop
    An Extra Course and/or Drop A Course Level
    If a student has an additional course and they wish to drop the class without penalty, they have until 3 PM on Friday, August 28, 2020 to do so.  Per district policy, students in grades 9-11 must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 classes and students in grade 12 must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 classes.  To request to drop an extra course, the student may email their school counselor directly.  
    If a student is in an Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and/or Cambridge course and wishes to request to move down in levels, they have until 3 PM on Friday, October 9, 2020 (end of the 1st grading quarter) to do so.  To request a level change, the parent/guardian and student must send a joint email to their child’s school counselor to request this change.  As long as there is room in the lower-level course and it will work with the student’s schedule, the request can be accommodated.

    The PSAT/NMSQT is currently scheduled at Troy High School for Saturday, October 17th, 2020 (as long as it is safe to do so).
    In order to ensure safe distancing and safety protocols, this year we will only be offering testing to our current 11th graders (the PSAT/NMSQT if optional).
    Registration (and payment) is now open via Total Registration for 11th graders only (and they will find the link in their Google Classroom).
    The PSAT/NMSQT Registration WILL END on SEPTEMBER 14th - Please don't Delay!
    For more information about the PSAT:
    For more information about the NMSQT:

    Department of Education - College ScoreCard
    To further empower students and families, today we released our first annual update of the redesigned College Scorecard, a college search tool that President Obama launched in September 2015 and that nearly 1.5 million usersacross the nation have accessed since. With over 4,000 institutions available for students and families to search, the College Scorecard provides answers to critical questions about each institution, like how likely studentsare to complete their degrees, how much debt students take out, and how much the students typically earn after attending. And the interactive website provides users with the ability to search by program, degree type, location, or by namFe of institution. All of this information is available at https://collegescorecard.ed.gov/.