Attendance Policies

  • Attendance Contacts:
                Jackie Valdez           Attendance Clerk                    714-626-4416
    Reporting & Clearing Absences:

    • When a student is absent, the parent or legal guardian should call the Attendance Office to report the reason for the absence.Excused absences are:
      • Verified Illness
      • Medical Appointments
      • Recognized Religious Observances
      • Court Appearance
      • Funerals
    • The Attendance Office is open between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:30 pm.If you need to call after these hours, you may leave a message.Please state and spell the student’s name, the date and reason for the absence and the student’s ID.All absences should be cleared within three (3) days or the absence will be considered a truancy.
    • An absence can also be cleared by a parent note the following day.
    • If a student is absent for more than three (3) days, a doctor’s note is required.
    • E-mail is not an authorized way to report an absence.

    Late Arrivals:

    • There are no excused tardies. All late students must report to the attedance office for a tardy pass. 

    Early Release:

    • Please contact the Attendance Office as soon as you know your student needs to leave early.The student should report to the office as soon as they arrive to pick up an Off-Campus Pass.They show this to the teacher and can then leave at the time stated on the pass and meet you outside.
    • If the early release is unexpected, you can come into the office and we will send a request for the student.Please note that it takes time to send for the student and if they are in PE, it may take longer.
    • If the student is to return, they should report to the Attendance Office with their Off-Campus pass and we will stamp it and send them to class.The amount of time they were absent will then be cleared.

    Attendance Corrections:

    • If an error has been made in attendance, the student should print out their attendance from ABI and take it to the appropriate teacher to discuss the situation.The teacher can then sign their attendance sheet or send up a correction form.Please understand that we cannot correct the attendance without something from the teacher. 

    Unexcused Absences:

    • Absences not cleared within three (3) days are considered unexcused.
    • If a student leaves campus without permission at any time, it is unexcused.You cannot clear up an absence after-the-fact.
    • Unexcused absences are:Family Vacation
      • Assistance at Home or Work
      • Babysitting Family Members
      • Oversleeping
      • Traffic
      • DMV Appointments
      • Senior Pictures
      • Studying for Exams


    • The following absences will not be excused if:
      • A parent/guardian fails to excuse a valid absence within the three (3) day limit
      • The student leaves campus without checking out through the office.
      • The student arrives latae to school and does not check in through the office with an excused absence.
      • The student stops attending class before the change of schedule procedure has been completed.
      • The student does not receive permission from a teacher to attend another on-campus activity or classroom.


    • An automatic phone message will be generated for each absence marked by the teacher and not cleared.Absence letters are also generated when the student accumulates three, five or eight unexcused absences in a semester.

    Special Request to Miss School:

    • A student requiring time off from school for an extended period of time for a reason other than the approved absences stated above, must fill out a “Request for Special Privilege Form” (see below).The form must be signed by the parent and taken to each teacher.It should then be turned in to the Attendance Office for approval from an administrator.Failure to follow this procedure may result in the student being marked truant.


    • Troy High School does not accept deliveries of flowers and balloons.Drop-offs of items forgotten at home or lunches are discouraged.There is a table by the attendance door where you can drop off items at your own risk.There is no one to monitor the items and sometimes things do get taken by the wrong person.Troy High School is not responsible for these items.
    • We do not accept cash.If you want to leave money for your student’s lunch, you will need to see JeriImler in the Cafeteria.You can also log in to  to put money on your student’s ID card.