Just Do Right

  • What is it?

    The goal of the Just Do Right campaign is to use our school athletic programs to promote a schoolwide culture which fosters positive peer recognition and encourages all students to "just do right": demonstrating behaviors consistent with respect, responsibility, and good character. Every school year, beginning in 2008–2009, a scholarship will be awarded to two outstanding student athletes who are recognized by their coaches and peers to best exemplify these qualities.   Your purchase of specially branded caps helps to fund this scholarship and bring awareness to the message "Just Do Right!"


    Sports can provide one of the greatest opportunities for a student to learn honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior, but the pressure to win can also engender very unsporstmanlike behavior and attitudes among athletes.  Just look at Marion Jones, Tanya Harding, Pete Rose, Barry Bonds — all talented athletes — however, the medals that they wear are tarnished because their need to win exceeded their moral obligation to do the right thing. Unfortunately, this "win at all cost" mentality occurs at all levels of competition, including high school.   Whether positive or negative, high school sports have immense power to shape consciousness, values, and beliefs of athletes and to pass on selective aspects of their behavior to the rest of the student body. The Just Do Right program will help our athletes understand that the way you win is just as important as the win. In doing so, the campaign will serve to create a climate where students, coaches, and families are encouraged to think about the moral and ethical implications of individual actions and behaviors.

    Who's involved

    The Just Do Right campaign is a program initiated by the newly formed Principal's Student Advisory Board (PSAB). The success of its implementation is ultimately dependent on the support and enthusiasm of the school community.   As such, the board has sought and recieved unanimous approval and support from the school's administration, athletic director, and individual sports coaches. In addition, members of the Board have taken the concept to parents and was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, and the school's Associated Student Body (ASB) has agreed to promote the Just Do Right theme during student activities. Furthermore, the school will adopt "Just Do Right" as its school theme.

    How you can help

    The Board has worked with New Era Cap Company in designing special caps with the Troy High School logo on the front and the Just Do Right message on the back. We will sell these hats at all athletic events and school programs, and the net proceeds from your purchases will be used to fund the scholarship.   At a time when every sport is experiencing increasingly abhorrent behavior by athletes, coaches, fans, and parents, it is our hope that seeing the Just Do Right caps being worn in the stands will remind everyone of the meaning behind the Just Do Right theme and what it takes to be a true Troy Warrior. A Troy Warrior is expected to be a person of uncompromising character and commitment to both scholarship and sportsmanship — a high standard that no one should forget.