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    1. Regarding any level of computer use in the computer science labs/classrooms throughout the Troy High School campus:
      • All students must be engaged in productive computer work related to the computer science class they are taking.
      • All Internet activity by the student shall be with the teacher's knowledge and direction and shall likewise be directly relevant to the computer science class assignments.
      • All Internet activity shall further conform to the Troy High School Internet Usage Policy which the student and family received prior to the beginning of classes.
    2. All copyright laws will be strictly observed in the Computer Science Department. No software may be copied onto the network. Students may not copy the work of other students or existing software from the system. Any routines or library functions used in programming that are not the student's original work must be properly credited. No student may use or attempt to use system utilities, software, (downloaded or otherwise), or files not given by the teacher. The use of third party or system utilities by the student is strictly prohibited.
    3. No student may set up or assign a private account, file attributes or subdirectory privileges unless directed to do so by the instructor. Shared rights, individual directories and parental rights are system capabilities that offer advantage and flexibility. In cases where students are working jointly on projects, are enrolled in more than one programming class, or are working jointly on projects in more than one computer language, the teacher may make one or more of these utilities available to the student.
    4. Any language, files or software found on the student's private directory will be that student's responsibility. Only files that pertain to that class are allowable and no special (hidden or otherwise) attributes will be permitted (as stated above). It is further the responsibility of the individual student to keep passwords private. There is no way that a password can be known to others, including the instructor, except by telling it to someone else. Therefore, anything which is in the directory or removed from the directory is the student's personal responsibility. It is imperative that the student quit the application and logout from the system before leaving the terminal. In addition, it is prohibited to attempt to login to someone else's account without the instructor's knowledge.
    5. Any use of CD's or disks must have prior approval of the instructor. In order to prevent virus invasion into the labs the following procedure may be used. A transport disk, which contains the current project file should be scanned and transferred to the student directory. This should be done with the approval or assistance of the instructor.
    6. In some labs each computer has a boot disk that may not be removed. When a student logs in at a computer this boot disk becomes his/her responsibility. The boot disk contains the files necessary to call up the network software and log a student into the system. No one should save personal files or data on the boot disk
    7. The network system allows us to give access to particular users, at specific terminals, at particular times of the day. In some classes students will be assigned seating. Students must observe seating assignments.
    8. After school, lunch, and weekend usage of the lab: The instructors may open the lab for student use on specified days. The same rules as those stated above will apply. In addition, all students must be engaged in productive computer work related to classes they are taking.
    9. Vandalism of any equipment in the computer lab will result in administrative action, the least of which will entail immediate academic probation for the student. Removal from class or from school may occur as well. Students who attempt to or actually deface or damage any equipment or interfere with the running of software in the computer area will be required to make restitution for the property or for the restoration of the software and may either lose lab privileges or be removed from the class.
    10. No food/drink/gum/etc. in the labs.

    A student who does not follow the above guidelines will be subject to administrative action that may result in removal from class or from school.