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    Mrs. Kirkpatrick: IB/TT Special Programs Coordinator

     Welcome Back To School!!!

    This year I will continue in the classroom teaching two periods of honors Cambridge biology. Any coursework will be found on my Google classroom.  I will also continue to be the coordinator for our IB program here at Troy and assist with Troy Tech Magnet Program as well. It will be a busy year, but I am looking forward to a great year!
    IB Exam Registration via Total Registration:  Here is the link to the registration site. See the letter below for more information or come see me if you have questions. 
             Important Dates: 
              October 3, Registration opens
              October 11, last day to register without penalty
              October 14, last day to register for exams with a $20 per exam late fee. 
              November 11, last day to cancel an exam and receive a full refund. 
    IB students:
           Seniors: You need to update your CAS hours on Managebac and finalize your Extended Essays. The first Draft of the Extended Essay is due September 15th for me to write your counselor recommendation.  I will meet with all IB senior students and verify their course selections for exams this year. Any changes after the November 15th deadline for IB registration will incur further charges. I also expect their progress with CAS and Extended Essays to be an ongoing process, managed on Managebac.com. Final Extended Essays are due January 17th.

    Seniors: There is a MANDATORY meeting on August 16th at 6:30 pm in the lecture hall for all senior diploma candidates. If you miss the meeting, the files will be available below afterward.
    Juniors:Your MANDATORY meeting is on Sept. 20th at 6:30 pm in the lecture hall. I  hope between this meeting, your individual/small group CAS meetings with me and a group meeting in Mrs. Park's class, you will begin to feel comfortable with your CAS and Extended Essay requirements this year. 

    If there is anything you need assistance with and cannot find the information within the links to this page, the other IB pages or the Google classroom please let me know by calling or emailing me. Or simply stop by my cubby hole in the front office.

    Mrs. Kirkpatrick

    Office Hours:  Periods 3-5 and lunch daily. I will be in room 905 teaching periods 0-1.  2nd period/break I may be found in the science department most days, but may find my way to the office earlier on occasion. 

     DATES to remember:

    JUNIORS and SENIORS: Troy IB  Policies and Procedures document and Slideshow presentations can be found below. Please return Policy signature page to my office or submit to Google Classroom by Friday August 19th for seniors and Friday September 22nd for Juniors. 

    Senior Deadlines:

    September 15, 2022: First draft due to Google classroom, turnitin.com and mentor before letters of rec will be written 

    January 7, 2022: 2nd draft copy of your IB Extended Essays are due (digital copy) For many of you this will be your final draft, but, the absolute last day to turn in your  FINAL EE is January 27th 2023!

    Junior Deadline: 

    December 2, 2022: Research Proposal for junior EE is due with teacher and student signatures. The first mandatory reflection is due by the end of the semester. 

    Oct 3 - Oct. 11, Late registration through Oct. 14: IB Exams Registration and fee payment on Total Registration. If you are not a full diploma candidate and have not yet registered with me, please see me prior to registering to verify requirements. Please see the exam information in the attached file below.

    Registration for next year: Early February meetings will be scheduled with interested sophomores.

    CAS due date: April 24, 2023 for Seniors. (See CAS page)