IB CAS Project

  • Students, Please don't forget that you are responsible for making certain that your hours are accounted for and that you have completed all aspects of the required CAS activities. If you are not sure of a CAS activity please check with me but also use the CAS Guide below as a reference. We will be meeting periodically to check on your progress.
    Please submit all CAS activities and projects to the Managebac program for approval prior to participating and have your supervisor review completed through Managebac as well. You must also write all your reflections/journals on the Managebac site and upload any evidence that you have in regards to your CAS activities or projects.This will be your portfolio to prove your participation in CAS for the completion of the diploma.


    IB CAS requirements:
    1. I will meet with you in the fall and spring each year 
    2. Make sure you are continuously updating your CAS portfolio on Managebac with thoughtful reflections and evidence!
    3. CAS experiences with roughly equal contribution to each strand of CAS
    4. At least one project: at least one CAS strand represented and at least one-month duration from planning to completion, initiated and planned by you and done in collaboration with others. 
    5. Follow the CAS stages
    6. 18 months continuous CAS program
    7. All 7 Learning Outcomes (LOs) met across the two years with evidence to support that they were met loaded on Managebac, your CAS portfolio.