College recs

  • Please review the following for me to write for your counselor recommendation.

    I will not write a letter of recommendation for an IB senior unless I first receive your first draft of your IBEE. This must be submitted by September 15th to Managebac, (class code is 26028682 and password is IBEE) and your mentor.
    To complete your application I will need the following:
    1. Completed 2019-20_SSR-IB Letter of Recommendation Request Packet
    2. Common App invite sent to 


    Must be received by September 11th in my office for all early applications (November 1 and November 15 deadlines) and by September 25th for any applications due after December 1(including the USC application).

    Questbridge applications are due on Sept. 29th! I need application packets by August 30th or earlier!


    ***Note: I will be sending your transcript with the secondary school report. You do not need to worry about this! Do NOT order from docufide at this time. You will need to order your final transcript and have it sent to the school you commit to after the May 1st deadline.

    Get started early so I don't have to track you down!