• The NEW MATH ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS IBSL &  IBHL will be testing this May 2021. Please make sure you review the material in these guides as you are going to be tested on material that focuses on past years math as well as a greater influence on Calculus and Statistics. Many of you are aware you will not have all the course material before you test in May 2021. We unfortunately don't have the pathway finalized for these courses, but at the moment the recommended pathway is to take AP Calculus BC and then AP Statistics to be prepared best for this new IB exam.  That being said I will post information to help you prepare and your math teachers will make you aware of any review dates as they come available. Additionally, I am looking into review material that will be available for those of you who are missing large chunks of material for this exam. The new guide contains the actual syllabus material you will be tested on as well as the requirements of the new Internal Assessment (Mathematics Exploration). Also, the formula book is available here for you to peruse, however, do not bring to testing, a fresh clean copy will be made available to you in May. Good Luck!