California Scholarship Federation

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    Students must qualify academically to become a member of the California Scholarship Federation. Qualification is NOT based upon a student’s grade point average (GPA); instead, it is based upon the number of A's and B's the student has received and only in certain classes. Please refer to the "California Scholarship Federation Requirements" page to review these requirements. After grades are submitted at the end of the semester, a list of those students who are eligible is generated. That list is posted outside of the Attendance Office and on the Troy website in the "News and Announcements" section as well as in the "CSF" section. 


    If you feel that you should have qualified for CSF and do not see your name on the list, please see Miss Hoehn in the Counseling Office during the month of February. Thank you very much.

    You can also talk to the CSF advisor, Mr. Anderson. You can find him during the school day in room 329 or you can call him at 714-626-4433 or you can email him at