• Welcome to our Troy AVID Page!

    Here you can find some information about our program, and our application to apply to be in the program.


    Apply to the AVID program for Fall 2022 School Year!

    Troy AVID Information Flyer

    Please turn in the applications below:


    AVID Interivews

    So far we have had interviews at:
    • Beechwood Junior High
    • Buena Park Junior High
    • Beatty Junior High
    • Fisler Junior High 
    • Imperial Junior High
    • Nicholas Junior High 
    • Parks Junior High
    Here are the sites we have left:
    • Ladera Vista (Monday 4/4)
    • Washington (Thursday 4/7)
    If you missed your interview, or are not at one of these sites, you can sign up to be interviewed here.  Please let us know if the time does not work for you, we will be happy to find another time!
    We will be sending out acceptances over mail the week of April 18th through mail.  That letter will include the schedule we talked about during your interview and other information about events coming up.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Tiffany Wilson at (twilson@fjuhsd.org) any time!