• We are currently accepting applications from current 9th graders and incoming 8th graders!!

    To Apply:

    • First complete and submit the application (see below for more information)
    • When selecting classes for next year, select AVID 1 (if you are an incoming freshman) or AVID 2 (if you are an incoming Sophomore).  **Please note you will not be officially placed in the class until you have applied and been interviewed.**
    • We will schedule an interview with your student in March and April.
    • We will be officially inviting students to the program in May.

    To turn in your application:

    • Please complete the online application.
    • Please make sure to email us the additional documents requested from the application. 

    With your application we will need:

    1. The completed online application 
    2. Copy of your most recent attendance record.
    3. Copy of middle school transcript
    4. Copy of current or most previous 504/IEP (this is not required if you do not have one).

    When your packet is completed

    • We will contact you for an interview.
    • Please note, we do attend local junior highs to interview students at their schools.  We will post times and dates when we get them!

    Teacher's Letter of Recommendation

    • Please select one teacher to serve as a potential reference if we need a letter of recommendation.  It is recommended you select a core subject teacher (English, History, Math, Science, or World Language).  We will only reach out if we need to do so.

    The Interview 

    • The interviews will be held in person.
    • They will be held by a member of the AVID Troy Team.  Normally the interview will be around 10 minutes.
    • We will use the interview to get to know your students, and discuss their classes for next year.
    • This is not intended to be stressful, it is a tool to help us get to know our students, and try to find the best placement of classes to start their year.

    Documents for the Application:

  • CLICK HERE to see how to participate in Troy Tech and AVID, or Troy Tech, AVID, and Sports


    Here is a video Introduction to the AVID Program