• We are currently accepting applications for current 9th graders and incoming 8th graders!!

    The AVID Application is below; you can download it as a PDF file or a word document. You can also turn in the Online Application!

    To Apply:

    • First complete and submit the application (see below for more information)
    • When selecting classes for next year, select AVID 1 (if you are an incoming freshman) or AVID 2 (if you are an incoming Sophomore).  **Please note you will not be officially placed in the class until you have applied and been interviewed.**
    • We will schedule an interview with your student in March and April.
    • We will be officially inviting students to the program in May.

    To turn in your application:

    • You may turn in the application as a hard copy via email (or to Troy High School).
    • You can also scan the file as a PDF titled with your student name and Troy AVID Application 2022 (eg: John Smith Troy AVID Application 2022) and email Tiffany Wilson at
    • You can also apply on-line.  Please make sure to email us the additional documents from the application.  If you choose online, please share the link below with your teacher for their letter of recommendation.

    With your application we will need:

    1. The completed application 
    2. Completed Academic Teacher Recommendation Form. (See below for more information)
    3. Copy of your most recent attendance record.
    4. Copy of the most recent Math and English standardized test scores (or benchmark scores if your school has them).  
    5. Copy of the most recent grades/report card.
    6. Copy of current or most previous 504/IEP (this is not required if you do not have one).

    When your packet is completed

    • We will contact you for an interview.

    Teacher's Letter of Recommendation

    • The teacher can complete this page of the application by hand, and it may be mailed, emailed, or delivered to Mrs. Tiffany Wilson separately from their application if the teacher prefers.
    • This year, we will also be providing an opportunity for teachers to fill out the letter of recommendation online.  If they are interested in doing the form online, please send them this link.

    The Interview 

    • The interviews will be held online through Zoom or in person.
    • They will be held with the AVID Team.  Normally the interview will be roughly 10 minutes.
    • We will use the interview to get to know your students, discuss their classes for next year, and other topics in regards to the program!  
    • This is not intended to be stressful, it is a tool to help us get to know our students, and try to find the best placement of classes to start their year.

    Documents for the Application:

  • CLICK HERE to see how to participate in Troy Tech and AVID, or Troy Tech, AVID, and Sports


    Here is a video introduction to the AVID Program