Frequently Asked Questions About Troy's AVID Program

  • Can I do both the Troy Tech Program and AVID?
    Yes, students can do both programs.  However, that may involve taking fewer academic or elective courses students may be interested in during the school years in order to accommodate both programs and their required classes.  It also may mean taking summer school courses in order to meet the required courses for both programs as well as graduation and college entrance requirements.  At the annual AVID parent information nights, this question along with others will be addressed.  

    To see how TT and AVID can fit in their schedule please visit AVID and Troy Tech Class Options

    Can my student be enrolled in athletics and AVID?

    Yes! Avid would be a class in their schedule. With after-school practices and games, having a class during the day to assist with studying and getting help with coursework can be a lifesaver! It will also allow them to take the courses required to apply to four-year colleges.
    My student earned good grades in junior high. Isn’t this program for students at-risk of not passing classes?
    The transition to high school curriculum and workload can be a challenge. Students need to be prepared for at least 2 hours per night of homework in addition to studying. AVID seeks students who are motivated but need assistance learning the art of how to study efficiently, take notes like a college student, and ask critical-thinking, higher-level questions to expand their knowledge. These are skills all students can benefit from, especially students who aim to earn A and B marks.
    My student is smart and hard-working but has no plans to take Honors or Advanced Placement classes. Do they have to take these classes if they are in AVID?
    No, it is not required, but it is encouraged. We would like students to push themselves to take an honors or AP course in subjects they are strong in. However, students can exceed the college entrance requirements with taking more college-prep/standard level classes.
    What if my student doesn’t join AVID now? Can they join AVID in the middle of their freshman year?
    No. If your student is interested in AVID, they need to apply now and stay with the program for the full year. The next opportunity to join will be at the start of the 10th grade, but we don’t want them to miss out on a year of gaining the skill set to succeed in their classes.
    What if my student joins AVID and then decides the program is not for them. Can they exit AVID?
    Yes- it is an elective course and is voluntary. If your child starts in AVID and then discovers they want to take another course or program, they can leave AVID in the spring semester or at the end of the freshman year. We suggest students give the program the full year to determine if it meets their needs or not.
    Who teaches the AVID class? What does the AVID Team help with? 
    The AVID classes are taught by an AP/IB Social Studies, Science, Math, and English teachers. All have been teaching on this campus for at least 8 years and are familiar with the requirements and instructional methods of campus teachers. They also have the knowledge of what honors and AP courses require of students, so they can support your child in succeeding in these classes. The AVID Team has teachers from various departments, including counseling to provide them with a better connection to the campus and help navigate the college entrance requirements and planning for college.

    My child is interested in many programs here at Troy (i.e., Troy Tech, AVID, music, IB, etc.).  How do they choose what is best for him/her?

    We suggest exploring all the options available to your child.  It is important that they select the courses and programs that interest them.  You can research these programs on our website and by attending the Open House event as well as 8th Grade/Incoming Freshmen parent evening events.  School event details can be found on the school website.