Electronic Devices – Policy

  • Electronic Devices (cell phones, IPODS, etc.) shall not be used during instructional time. 

    ALL confiscated electronic devices must be brought to the activities office and logged in with Mrs. Olivar by the 3:10 PM. If Mrs. Olivar is unavailable the device is to be given to any assistant principal. All electronic devices that are brought to the office MUST be signed in when they are dropped off. Please complete a referral form and bring it with the device. DO NOT leave any electronic devices unattended in the office.

    Students found in violation of the Electronic Devices Policy are subject to the following disciplinary action.


    First Offense: Student warned and notation made in discipline file, parents notified by teacher, pick up at the end of the day.

    Second Offense: One hour of detention assigned, notation made in the discipline file, parent picks up the phone.

    Third Offense: 4 hour Saturday School assigned, notation made in discipline file, parent picks up the phone.

    Fourth and more offenses: Two (4 hour) Saturday Schools assigned, notation made in discipline file, possible parent meeting and pick up the phone.

    NOTE: Discipline referrals such as the electronic device policy are cumulative for four years. A student does not start over at a first offense level each year.