Parent/Student Agreement -- Student Access to the Internet at Troy

  • The Internet is an electronic highway connecting thousands of computers all over the world and millions of individual subscribers. The purpose of the Internet is to facilitate communications in support of research and education by providing access to vast resources and an opportunity for collaborative work.
    Internet access is available to students and teachers at various locations at Troy High School and offers vast, diverse, and unique resources. The Internet will be available as a classroom or lab resource and for independent research in support of school related endeavors. Troy High School's goal in providing this service to teachers and students is to promote academic excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication.
    Warning to Parents
    Troy High School cannot formalize precise limits upon a student's access while on the Internet. Rather it is the student's responsibility to follow standards set by the teacher, school, and his or her family.
    Troy High School cannot accept responsibility for objectionable materials which students access via the Internet.
    Some services available on the Internet could be considered offensive. Students must take responsibility for their own actions in navigating the Internet. There are materials present on the Internet that many people find controversial, offensive or objectionable including but not limited to sexually explicit or pornographic material.
    Responsibilities Of The Student As A Member Of The World Wide Computer Community
    • As members of the global community, students must respect the rights of others in both the local community and in the world wide computer community at large.
    • Offensive, obscene, harassing, abusive, or inflammatory language, pictures, or materials and/or personal attacks are abuses and students who engage in such communications on the Internet will be subject to consequences as outlined below.
    • Students have a responsibility to use appropriate language when using the Internet. Student use of profanity or obscenity on the Internet will result in disciplinary action.
    • Students have the responsibility to follow copyright laws and rules regarding software, information and attributions of ownership in their exercise of Internet privileges. A student's failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Copies of West's Annotated California Codes Penal Code regarding unauthorized access to computer, computer systems and computer data are posted in all areas of Troy High School where access to the Internet is available.
    • Students must recognize the privacy right of others and refrain from re-posting personal communications without the original author's prior consent. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
    • Students may use the Internet only for legal activities. A student who engages in illegal acts including but not limited to tampering with computer hardware, software, computer viruses. Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt the system performance by spreading computer viruses will result in disciplinary action.
    • Students have the responsibility to display exemplary behavior when using the Internet and must conduct themselves as representatives of both Troy High School and the world wide computer community as well.
    Students found to be violating the rules while using the Internet will face disciplinary action following the process listed below and outlined in the Troy High School Academic Honesty Policy.
    Process For Disciplinary Action
    The process whereby a student will be punished for infraction of the Academic Honesty Policy shall include the following steps:
    • The teacher of the class will confront the student where the infraction occurs.
    • The administrator will be alerted.
    • The teacher or administrator will contact the parent to state the issue, review this policy, and explain disciplinary consequences.
    • The school will effect disciplinary action. Any disciplinary action, which the parent may choose to take, is separate from the disciplinary action taken by the school or district.
    • Infractions will be recorded on the student's permanent discipline file.
    • Local, state or federal law enforcement officials will be alerted in the event that the Infraction is of a criminal nature.
    Disciplinary Action For Violation Of Rules For Use Of The Internet
    Failure to comply with the terms of responsible Internet use as described in its document will result in disciplinary action by the school. Many of the offenses described in the above section involve criminal action and, therefore, will be prosecuted under civil, state, or federal law. At Troy High School students engaged in any of the above infringements will be subject to any or all of the following consequences:
    • The student will be referred to the Administrator.
    • The student may face suspension from Troy High School, removal from any special program offered at Troy, and/or expulsion from the Fullerton Joint Union High School District.
    • The student will receive an automatic zero (failing grade) on the assignment; no makeup work will be offered to compensate for the zero.
    • The student may be referred to law enforcement authorities.
    • The student will be suspended from further use of the Internet while at Troy High School.