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    Free College and Scholarship Application Advising, Support, and Community

    The Guided Pathway Support Program (GPS) is a virtual college access and success program for African American high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Learn more at rbsgps.com.

    Individual College Counseling Sessions Weekly College Advising Webinars
    Scholarship Help FAFSA and CSS Profile
    Interview Prep Essay and Resume Review
    Access to College Admissions Officers Mentorship
    Help finding internships and enrichment programs College List Review
    Apply at rbsgps.com

    No Application Deadline.  We accept and serve students throughout the calendar year.

    An initiative of the Ron Brown Scholar Program, GPS operates on a platform that looks like Facebook, but functions like a pre-professional LinkedIn. Mentoring takes place on our exclusive Workplace from Meta community, allowing students to access the expertise of the Ron Brown Scholar Program network from anywhere in the country on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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    Shadowing is a great way to dip your feet in the field!  Whether you’re passionate about healthcare or imagine your future career in medicine, your shadowing experience can help you decide if it's a good fit and much more !  

    PRO TIP:  Shadowing hours do not equal volunteer hours, but are something colleges want to see in addition to volunteer hours.  Create a verified service transcript and earn digital badges to add to their LinkedIn profiles!

    Medical Youth Science Program



    Impact Internships

    Helping Students in Southern CA Gain Access to Health Science Immersion Experiences

    Impact Internships is a Southern California based non-profit dedicated to creating health science research and immersion experiences for high school students. Our immersion programs offer students firsthand access to a world of science researchers and practitioners that they would not encounter in high school. We recognize the considerable difficulty many high school students face in locating and securing quality mentorship and immersion experiences in the health sciences. While there are many available programs, these are exponentially outnumbered by the number of students searching for such opportunities. We work to ensure that our programs will be of the highest enrichment quality, while remaining accessible to a wide array of students and work to provide tuition-free scholarships and merit aid. By helping students now rather than later, we have the greatest chance to have a decisive impact on their future in the health sciences.



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