Impact Internships

    Helping Students in Southern CA Gain Access to Health Science Immersion Experiences

    Impact Internships is a Southern California based non-profit dedicated to creating health science research and immersion experiences for high school students. Our immersion programs offer students firsthand access to a world of science researchers and practitioners that they would not encounter in high school. We recognize the considerable difficulty many high school students face in locating and securing quality mentorship and immersion experiences in the health sciences. While there are many available programs, these are exponentially outnumbered by the number of students searching for such opportunities. We work to ensure that our programs will be of the highest enrichment quality, while remaining accessible to a wide array of students and work to provide tuition-free scholarships and merit aid. By helping students now rather than later, we have the greatest chance to have a decisive impact on their future in the health sciences.





    Student-Led, also known as SLED, pairs high school mentees with college mentors through year-round leadership workshops to foster interpersonal growth, create service projects, and develop mentorships. We are currently recruiting for high school students (9th-12th grade) who would be interested.

    SLED presents an opportunity to:

    • Connect with a set of successful college mentors with diverse interests, coming from a wide range of universities (former high school student body and club presidents, scholars of various fields, sport captains, community service leaders, and NCAA division-one athletes) 
    • Network with students from other high schools in the SoCal area
    • Develop leadership skills through monthly workshops
    • Facilitate community service projects 

    Important Information:




    “Hello, students, mentors, and life enthusiasts. 

    On March 12th, 13th, and 14th, the 7th annual TEDxWhitneyHigh will be hosted virtually for the very first time. With the conference coming up, we are looking for anyone with a passion–and is willing to share it. We offer anyone who is in 7th grade and older to be able to participate in our Speaker Program. Anyone in high school (9th-12th) is allowed to apply for our internship. 



    Thank you for being interested in the TEDxWhitneyHigh Speaker Program. Anyone who is in 7th grade and older is allowed to apply to this program. The Speaker Program selects a variety of speakers to participate in the annual conference. These speakers are a few examples from our past conferences: 

    As you can see in our examples, we receive a variety of speakers from cosplayers, teachers, and even actresses. We strive to create a diverse roster of speakers–which is why we need your help! For anyone interested in auditioning, please fill out this Google Forms (https://tinyurl.com/whsted2021). In the Google Forms, you will be required to submit your Talk. Due to the conference being virtual, our “audition” process will be very different this year. We will be taking your videotaped Talk to consider you for our final roster list. If chosen, this video you recorded will be used in our final cut of the conference. For intricate details, please visit this Google Document (TEDxWhitneyHigh 2021: Guide for Speakers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CzphHw1e48HXp-KTc98dgDfc1w6QeoDGo0I1-LqHrDs/edit?usp=sharing). If you are not able to submit your video through the Google Forms, please send the video to our email (tedxyouth.whitneyhs@gmail.com), there are instructions on how to do so in the Google Document. Your script for your Talk is required to be submitted into this Google Drive Folder (TEDxWhitneyHigh 2021 Speaker Scripts: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FyJudbkda0sWdYYM5mm53Qh0IZzGSbl9?usp=sharing), there are instructions on how to do so in the Google Document. 

    Our 2021 theme is “J[OUR]NEY’s [START]”. The theme revolves around enlightening, optimistic beginnings–whether that is in the form of a developed life story, rewarding hobby, or even a new, continuing thought. Please apply this theme to the topic of your Talk. 

    Your Talk submission is due by Monday, January 25th (11:59PM). If you need an extension on the deadline, contact our email (tedxyouth.whitneyhs@gmail.com) with your situation and we will grant you one. Please contact us for any further concerns or inquiries. 



    Thank you for being interested in the TEDxWhitneyHigh Internship. Anyone who is in high school (9th to 12th) is allowed to apply to this program. The internship is meant for students with past experience in technology, logistics, and publicity. You may only intern in one of the three committees. 

    The internship will last from the end of January to the end of March. We expect for you to commit at least two hours a week. We will be having a check-in meeting, at least bi-weekly. 

    The Technology team has a large role to play in the TEDx Virtual event. We are looking for students who are experienced mainly in video editing in order to create a sophisticated virtual presentation. Tech interns need to be well versed in editing software (ex. Premiere or other services ) and are expected to work with one another to combine the varying talks along with enhancing and stitch them together.

    The Logistics team will help oversee the other teams and make sure that deadlines are properly met. We need organized leaders who are passionate about seeing this virtual event come to fruition and to the fullest. Students will keep in contact with members of the other teams and leaders to make sure that each group is properly producing work.  

    The publicity team is in charge of spreading the word about the TEDxWhitneyHigh virtual event in an online setting. Interns in this group will be tasked with developing creative ways to reach out to community members and get them excited for our virtual event.  This includes making graphics, promotional videos, reaching out to other schools/ their live streams, along with other ideas to grab people’s attention. We expect students to be experienced with graphic design along with online programs such as Canva or other software.  

    Please submit your application through this Google Forms (https://forms.gle/Me5TFasi8wvjvDJB6), by Friday, January 22nd (11:59 PM). If you need an extension on the deadline, contact our email (tedxyouth.whitneyhs@gmail.com) with your situation and we will grant you one. Please contact us for any further concerns or inquiries. 

    *Please note that you can only partake in one of the programs.*


    If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us (tedxyouth.whitneyhs@gmail.com). 


    Students Coordinators: 

    Monica Lee (leemonica417@gmail.com

    Madison Plotkin (madison_plotkin@myabcusd.org)


    LaMonica Bryson (lamonica.bryson@abcusd.us)


    Flyer for TEDxWhitner High 2021