Company of the Month

  • In order to get company of the month a company must show both improvement in the participation of its cadets. When a company gets company of the month each member of the company gets a ribbon and the company is recognized at the battalion formation.

    August - Alpha

    September - Charlie

    October - Bravo

    November - Delta

    January - Alpha

    February - Bravo

Cadets of the Month

  • In order to be cadet of the month, a cadet must have a high amount of participation, uniform wear, improvement in drill, good attendance, and these cadets must also maintain good grades. As well as each of those requirements, each cadet must represent the Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Each month we choose one cadet from each LET level to receive this award. The cadets are recognized at the battalion formation and given a ribbon.

    February LET 1 - Katie Jones 

    February  LET 2 - Roman Martinez

    February LET 3 - Sean Finch

    February LET 4 - Hanna Ramos

Battalion Formation

no dates