Motivating young people to be better citizens!


    Here at Fullerton Union High School, we offer many award-winning programs, including the Army JROTC Program. JROTC focuses on developing leadership skills and promoting physical fitness in the cadets enrolled. Throughout the course, cadets are taught the curriculum of our JROTC program along with many life skills that can not be learned by sitting in a classroom. Our primary goal is to " Motivate Young People to be better Citizens." This program also provides a safe and healthy environment for ALL cadets to prosper and discover themselves throughout their high school years. With a Zero Tolerance Rule against all forms of bullying by our cadets, our students are protected - JROTC is a family, we stand with each other, stand up for each other and never give up on each other. Please feel free to take a look at our other pages to discover more about this program and continue reading for more general information.

    First and foremost, there are a few misconceptions that should be addressed:

    • If you are enrolled in this program, you DO NOT have to enroll in the military if you do not wish to do so.
    • Our program counts as a Physical Education credit, meaning, you do not have to take PE if you take JROTC to receive those credits.
    • Yes, we wear uniforms every Thursday and it is a requirement unless approved otherwise by the instructors.
    • It is NOT required that you participate in a Special Team but it is highly recommended as it contributes to your overall experience throughout the course of the program.
    • This is a four-year program but you are not required to enroll in all four years(If you complete all four years, you will receive a JROTC cord at your High School Graduation).
    • We refer to our students as Cadets but needn't be concerned, they are not and will not be enrolled in the military if they do not wish to do so.
    • Community Service hours are a requirement(5 Hours per Semester).
    • You will not be declined acceptance into the JROTC program due to medical or financial issues.

    Secondly, our program offers many activities outside of class.

    These help develop useful time management habits, promote responsibility, and give cadets a sense of self-confidence and pride when an event is completed. Parents and Cadets are encouraged to attend these events, even if you are not participating, to show support for your fellow cadets. This also gives you a chance to interact with cadets from other schools and branches of the JROTC Programs, improving social skills and building friendships. These are a few events we attend; you can also see videos and pictures of these events by looking at the photo gallery:

    • Special Teams- Armed and Unarmed Exhibition, Marksmanship, Color Guard, Raider, Cyber-Security, Leadership, and Academic Teams.
    • Competitions- Our Special Teams attend competitions throughout the year and train on a weekly basis.
    • Parades- Cadets are asked to march in parades every year; most commonly, the Veteran's Day Parade.
    • School Events- Color Guard, Armed, and Unarmed teams are occasionally requested to perform in school assemblies and at sports events on campus.
    • Military Ball- Our cadets are encouraged to go to the annual military ball, hosted by one of the high school JROTC programs in our district.
    • Summer Camp- Every year, we take a large group of cadets on a camping trip. Here they test their physical abilities, utilize teamwork and friendship, embrace the skills they've learned during the school year, and strengthen their relationships with each other. This is not meant to be a boot camp, it is a fun and eventful trip for the cadets to enjoy.
    • Recruitment- We take a select few cadets towards the end of the year to attend the middle schools and talk to the incoming freshmen about our program.



  • LTC(R) Mike Albertson

    (714) 626-3852

    SFC(R) Maselino Pese

    (714) 626-3850

Nationally Recognized

  • The JROTC Program at FUHS has been a nationally recognized Honor Unit with Distinction for the past eighteen years and has won many notable achievements to include:

    • Golden Bell Award for instilling student leader development and civic pride
    • Three-time winners of the National Academic and Leadership Bowl held in Washington D.C.
    • California State Cyber-Security Champions
    • Marksmanship Team competes throughout the state and has been selected to participate in the Junior Olympics
    • Special Teams have established a winning reputation, winning many state and national awards, honors, and trophies in Drill, Raider, and Color Guard competitions. 
    • Cadets from FUHS are annually awarded trips to Valley Forge Pennsylvania (sponsored by the FreedomsFoundation and AMVETS) as well as Boy’s State and Girl’s State conventions that are held in Sacramento (sponsored by the American Legion).
    • Cadets from FUHS have won numerous appointments to Military Service Academies such as West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy and have also been awarded four-year ROTC scholarships at universities and colleges throughout the nation.