What is BEAST?

  • BEAST is the Biology, Engineering, Arts, Science Technology Program at Fullerton Union High School and is part of the growing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics or (STEAM) based education movement.

    A unique program, BEAST students imagine, design, and create “creature characters” employing the skills of the artist, the understanding of the biologist, and the methods of the engineer. Projects range from analyzing and sculpting anatomical models that show environmental adaptations, to building motorized machines that replicate the motion and locomotion of living creatures, to exploring the principles of mutation, disease and hybridization through prosthetic makeup and masks.

    Partnered with both industry leaders and educational associates, BEAST creates a one-of–a-kind opportunity for students to put knowledge into action and use critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and their own imagination to build the products needed in the STEAM-based “practical effects” field and elsewhere.

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Our Goals

  • BEAST is dedicated to creating a challenging, integrated and innovative learning environment in order to ready students for college and career. BEAST students will apply critical thinking and knowledge to solving real-world problems. BEAST will provide instruction from our staff, leading STEAM-field professionals and college educators. Our students will create both realistic and fantastic kinetic works that demonstrate the mechanical and biological principles used in the “creature and character” effects industry.