• Cinema Makeup School -

    Hollywood's premiere makeup school!  Taught by working professionals to create working professionals.  CMS supplies technical support, field trip opportunities and exclusive scholarship programs for our students. CMS is there for us and our students.  Check them out at www.cinemamakeup.com

    SFX Teen Summer Bootcamp - Only at Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles - Ages 13-19Three-time Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist and CMS Director of Education Ve Neill and BEAST instructor Scott Hudson








    Fractured FX -

    Led by Emmy-award winning SFX artist and founder Justin Raleigh, Fractured FX is one of the world's most elite SFX studios, specializing in practical and hybrid effects, including facial and body appliances, props, costumes and animatronics.  Fractured FX provides technical support and professional development opportunities for our staff, and guest lectures about careers in the SFX industry for our students.  Visit them at https://www.fracturedfx.com/ 

    Knott's "Scary" Farm Production Department -

    The oldest and arguably best Halloween event in the world, Knott's Berry Farm created the term Haunt and was the first to combine mazes and monsters for the entertainment of its guests.  Knott's provides BEAST with technical support, exclusive behind-the-scenes Haunt field trip opportunities and even permits a small group of interested students access to their "Monster Studio", where their highly trained MUFX artists work to bring the monsters to life!  Learn more at www.knotts.com/events/scary-farm  .


    The Stan Winston School of Character Arts –

    Founded by family members of four-time Academy Award winning makeup and effects artist Stan Winston, students will have the support and instruction from the creators of the Terminator, Predator, Aliens and the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park and other working industry professionals.


    California State University Fullerton -

    With support from CSUF’s departments of Biology, BEAST curriculum is designed to be the most current available and is developed with the support and cooperation of specialists in environmental adaptation and other biological principles.