• The Fullerton Union High PTSA invites you to participate in the 2020-21 PTA Reflections Art Contest with the theme, “I Matter Because…”.

    There are six different art categories from which to choose.  Although this is an art program, it is not just about being a “good artist”. There is a strong emphasis on how participants express themselves through the theme and the artist’s statement on the entry form.

    Read the rules for your category carefully, especially the requirements. Projects should be completed using the traditional formats, but due to COVID-19, we will be using virtual submissions through the Google Form including a digital version (PDF, JPG, doc, MP3, etc.) of your work.  

    If you must submit a physical version of your work;

    • Attach a completed Entry Form when you submit your piece, include your parent’s and your emails, and make sure it prints out on a single page. 
    • Literature entries, include 2 copies of work and entry form.
    • Any CD/DVD/flash drives should be put in an envelope.
    • Remember to label your work on the back.


    Submissions are due Friday, October 2 Wednesday October 7th at 5:00PMArtists’ showcase and recognition night TBD.

    We want everyone who wants to participate to be able to turn in their best work, so if supplies are needed, please email and we will make arrangements.

    If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Holden from PTSA at



    1. The Reflections chair for the state repeatedly emphasizes that it is not necessarily how good of an artist a student is, but how well their piece reflects the theme. (It will be what breaks a tie during judging.)
    2. "I Matter Because..." is the theme. Students need to give their piece a different title.
    3. Since all entries will be done through a Google Form, students should not have their names on their work (we need this for blind judging). Student names will be associated with their uploaded file through the form. However, students may appear in their product, as in self portraits or choreography.
    4. Students may enter multiple categories, but only one entry per category. A separate Google Form is needed for each entry.



  • Submit your projects: HERE

    Please complete one form for each art piece you are submitting. 
    The entire form is 10 pages, but you will only do the parts pertaining to your piece.
    Take note of the following: 
    *Make sure your school issued email ( is in the first box (you may also put it under ‘Optional Email’).
    Classroom =  The teacher and room number connected to your type of project (ex. your English teacher, if done as an assignment for the  Literature category), or just your homeroom 
    Title =  Give your piece meaning. The theme of the program is “I Matter Because…”, so that should not be the title of your piece.
    Details =  Specifications of your original project (not virtual copy)
    Artist Statement =  Please put sincere effort into this answer. This statement is an extension of your work and may make a difference  during judging. You will get an error message if it is less than 10 words or more than 100.
    Uploading: Upload your project file with its title (pdf, jpg, doc, mp4) from Google Drive. Your work should be anonymous for judging. DO  NOT put your name on your work. Your name will be associated with your work through the Google Form.
    You may edit your form after it is submitted. Use “submit another response", ONLY if you have more than 1 project.