• Fullerton Union High School’s Academy of the Visual Arts is a Golden-Bell winning program that serves as a destination program for students both within Fullerton as well as the surrounding community.  The Academy provides students with several four-year pathways, including Digital Arts, Photography, and Visual Arts, and many students elect to take courses in more than one area of focus.

    Our Academy of the Visual Arts features a large and well-run program, designed to facilitate the success of its students in their academic and career endeavors. With curriculum focusing on both the conceptual and technical aspects of the Visual Arts, classes allow students the opportunity to respond at higher levels of artistic expression and sophistication, and expects a higher level of responsibility in return.  Through this, students gain an understanding of the Visual Arts and their relevance based on individual style, technique, and ideation.

    In addition to our higher-level instruction, students have the opportunity to participate in many other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including:

    • On-Campus Gallery Shows.
    • Off-campus Field Trips
    • Art show Competitions
    • Opportunities to learn about and experience college and university studies.
Emily Guzman